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The art and science of Acupuncture is a highly developed form of medicine that comes from the East.   Modern technology and research has finally found a way to observe these fine currents of subtle energy, and is now integrating this information into the basic anatomy of a human being.  The 12 main meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians that run throughout the body form an intelligent grid that effects the health of the whole body.   If the meridians are out of balance, blocked, or weak, then physical illness can manifest.  Often the meridians hold the energetic precursor to what we think of as diagnosable diseases .  Because of this, acupuncturist are able to assist people in preventing disease from progressing or completely manifesting, and also treating the root of whatever ailment they may be experiencing in order reverse symptoms and harness the bodies inmate ability to heal.   For more on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and what it can treat, please visit the Traditional Chinese Medicine page.