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3583 Martin Road, Duluth, MN, United States / 916  Hammond Avenue, Suite 200  Superior Wisconsin

Superior Studio

916 Hammond Ave. Suite 200 Superior, WI

Our new Superior healing studio is located in a beautiful historic building on the corner of Hammond and Broadway.  This location offers space for community acupuncture, meditation classes, yoga classes, Reiki classes, and individual sessions.

Blaire Hysjulien, MSW, LICSW


I specialize in Mind-body psychotherapy and Reiki healing for pain and health issues, anger, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, spiritual self-development, and more. My work is dedicated to the expansion of our collective consciousness through a process of rediscovering the open and limitless qualities of existence. We are deeply connected to each other, the earth, and the universe.  Let us unfurl together in the sacred rhythm at the root of it all.  There you will find healing, there you will find freedom.

Eric Ament


It is my belief that there are not people living on earth...there is only earth. Likewise we are not separate from the work we do. Knowing the land is my greatest skill and most valuable asset. I have put this into de- veloping the healing gardens here at Rooted Folks. Come, walk, sit, relax... it is waiting for you.

Connecting people with the land through food and herbs is my passion. Teaching is in my blood. I have accepted permaculture and herbalism as my primary study since 2007. Read below to learn about how my skills manifest, and how they can support you in your journey. 


The healers and teachers at Rooted Folks await you with open hearts and joyful spirits.  We strive to embody the sources of wisdom that guide our work. By doing so, we hope to foster connections with authentic sources of healing and evolving  as a community.

Our Mission

At Rooted Folks Center for Evolution we seek to remember the wise ways of
walking this Earth.  With vibrant love, health, and positivity we offer remembering through our services. With every breath, with every step, we choose to consciously evolve. Rooted deeply, we welcome the new age of peace with you. 

Duluth Studio

3583 Martin Rd. Duluth, MN

Our Duluth healing studio rests in a beautiful natural setting on the banks of Amity Creek .  Community events, individual acupunture, Reiki, and psychotherapy sessions are offered here.

Emily Hysjulien, L. ac.


I consider the healing work that I do to be a living bridge. I strive to meet every individual where they are, and provide tools and practices that allow them to actively participate in crossing into a healthier, happier, and more conscious life. I offer the science, astronomy, and mysti-cism of acupuncture, sound, and meditation in my healing sessions. Through these modalities one can release the ailments and dis-ease that no longer serve them, as we step into a new dimension with confidence in our ascension to a more illumined life.



Rooted Folks Center for Evolution